Monday, 31 January 2011

woo hoo the internet is back on!!!!!

Hey girls,

Sooo sorry i havent blogged for A while, the silly internet been down but i have had a nice time trying out my bits i got a few weeks ago so i can now do some really good reviews. I will be adding them on here in a little while as i have my little girl being a pain today wanting my attention all the time so cant be on here for very long as she wants to go on disney website lol.

Well until later.....

Chloe xoxo

Friday, 21 January 2011

My haul part 2

Navy and white jumper primark £14

88 pallet £12.00 inc pp eBay
(love love love this review to come) 

Little fold down box for makeup table £1.00 Wilkinson's
(perfect for nail varnish)

Take a brow kit £3.50 primark

Review to come

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Mini haul

Superdrug own brand gentle face wash for sensitive skin £2.49
(fabulous, doesn't dry your skin out like some face washes and is fantastic value for money)

Superdrug own brand illuminating moisturiser £2.49
(love,love,love this moisturiser gives you a healthy glow alday ill defiantly be buying this again)
Make up bag Primark £2.00
(love this make up bag, fits all my bits in for in my handbag)

MUA nail varnish £1.00 superdrug (lasts 4days with 2 coats before chipping)
Superdrug own brand dry shampoo £1.09 (smells OK but does the job)
 Latin look book £4.00 boots sale (Amazing review to follow)
Ring £1.00 primark sale
17 dazzle dust set of 4 £2.50 boots sale (review to follow)
Remell mouse foundation in ivory £1.00 savers (end of line, review to follow)
MUA superdrug £1.00 glitter eyeliner in gold dust (review to follow)
Collection 2000 brown eyeliner £1.49 (amazing value for money and long lasting review to follow)

Eye cant go wrong mascara & eraser 50p in sale primark (review to follow)
Double ended blend and shade brush £.1.50 primark

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Quick hello....

Hi dolls,

Just a quick hello, hope your all OK and having fun in the sales.  I have been layed up in bed since new years day with my little girly as we both have flu, it has hit me bad as I'm pregnant i cant take nothing so i just have to suffer but hubby pulling his weight so it all good.  I'm going to try and vencher out tomorrow to go sale shopping see what i can find and to have a splurge on makeup lol.

Until tomorrow night girls i will say good night and don't spend to much money.


Saturday, 1 January 2011


Happy new year dolls! 
I hope you all had a brilliant new years eve night last night, me i was tucked up in bed by about 11 as i have the cold that everyone seems to have and my little girl has got it to so we haven't had much of a good start to the new year at the mo.  I have thought of a few new years resolutions weather i stick to them is another matter as i only usually stick to the for January then it all goes down hill lol.
Here are my resolutions:

1. Spend more time with my family.
2.Don't start smoking again after i have had my baby!
3.Tell my husband what is on my mind if i am annoyed about something and not bottle it all up.
4.Work out more and eat healthy after i have baby.