Thursday, 30 December 2010

Im back......

Hi Dolls,
I hope you all had a wicked Christmas and all got what you wanted!!!  I had a nice day apart from the husband being drunk in the pub and not getting home in time for Christmas dinner :( but i don't care aslong as my beautiful little girl had a good day then that's all that matters to me and seeing her face on Christmas morning made my heart melt like you wouldn't believe, It was so much better this year as she knew what was going on.
Are you all ready for new years???? We are meant to be going to a party at my sister in laws but i really not in the mood to party, everyone will be getting drunk and i will have to be on the soft drinks as I'm pregnant and Lacie-may wont go to sleep as it will prob be to loud and to much going on.

Will post later with pics of Christmas
Chloe xoxo

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